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Accelerating Corporate Success

Accelerator Strategies Inc. advances new workplace solutions, especially in the rapidly growing cowork sector, as well as counsels companies on effective strategies and tactics to pursue successful strategic partnerships, investments and mergers/acquisitions as well as pre and post IPO enterprises on achieving higher sustainable valuations.

The Small Cap Challenge

   For many start-ups, and those evolved into successful later-stage companies, the ultimate goal is often a public listing, whether through an IPO or merging with/acquiring an already listed company.

   Pre-IPO, CEOs need to execute business plans with precision. Projections have to be met and exceeded; the right team hired and pruned; customers earned, retained and expanded and costs kept under control as scarce private equity and debt are rationed as if they will be the last dollars raised.

     Post-listing, pressures to pursue new directions can become intense, especially if a small cap's post IPO share price has eroded, as expanded stakeholders include institutional investors, equity analysts and anyone whose interest in the company is assessed at the end of each trading day.

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